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Matrimonial Service


Islamic Marriage (Nikhah)

‘Nikah’ or a marriage contract according to Islamic (Shariah) Law may be performed Hitchin Mosque. The Nikah ceremony will be performed by any one of the officially appointed Imams (Muslim Ministers) or a senior member of the Committee of the Mosque.

It will be helpful when booking a date for the Nikah ceremony, to specify the number of guests attending the ceremony. All persons attending the ceremony are kindly requested to observe the Islamic tradition of dressing in keeping with Islamic values. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who does not comply with this request.

Booking Requirements:


  • Valid Current Passport (including Visa for Non-British Passport Holders) of the Husband and Wife.
  • Original Civil Marriage Certificate.
  • Proof of Residential Address, whether UK or abroad (otherwise the address given on the booking form will be registered on the certificate).
  • Conversion Certificate for new Muslims (Groom or Bride).
  • Presence of two Muslim Male witnesses, with their ID’s.
  • Presence of the Wali (the bride’s father, brother or next of responsible male kin to the bride).


Please Note: The Groom, Bride, Her Wali & The Two Muslim Male Witnesses Should Attend The Ceremony In Person, Otherwise The Registrar Or The Imam Must Be Informed Of Any Issue While Submitting The Application.


  • Written declaration of the agreed Dowry [Mahr] (signed by both couple).
  • If the bride has previously been married, then an Islamic divorce certificate is required.
  • Signed & stamped Statutory Declaration* (Affidavit) applicable only to non-Muslim Brides. (The form must be signed & stamped by a solicitor or Commissioner for Oath in the UK).
  • A fee of £100 (or what ever you can afford, all proceedings will go to the masjid fund) to be paid before the marriage ceremony. Please note that Certificates are usually issued in English.
  • The ceremonies are usually conducted in English or Arabic.

The Mosque will ONLY issue two original certificates (one for each couple) by the end of the Nikah ceremony, which should be kept in a safe place for any future reference. Please note that the Centre will not issue any more original copies, but instead will provide certified copies at a charge.


Importance Notice!


Please Note that an Islamic marriage (Nikah) is not recognised as a legal marriage in the UK.

Islamic marriages (Nikah) carried out/conducted in the UK are not recognised as marriages within the laws of England and Wales. Hitchin Mosque strongly recommend and encourage all Muslim couples who have either had/or are planning to have an Islamic Marriage in the UK MUST have a civil registry conducted by their local Registry Office, so that their marriage will be recognised and they will be afforded marriage rights under the laws of England and Wales.

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